6 Tips for RVing Newbies

Photo Credit: Aluminum Cabana

Vacationing is about leaving your worries behind and the freedom of exploring someplace new. And no one understands that better than those on a Recreational Vehicle (RV) getaway.

Some of the area’s best RV spots include Navarre Beach Camping Resort, The Hideaway Retreat, Milton/Gulf Pines KOA Holiday, Sunburst RV Resort, Avalon Landing RV Park, Adventures Unlimited, Santa Rosa RV Resort and Emerald Beach RV Park.

For those who have never camped out in an RV or more experienced RV-ers who don’t mind being reminded of the basics, here’s a setup checklist to go through when creating your campsite.

  1. Bring tools and spare parts just in case
    When you’re getting away from it all, the last thing you want to do is turn around to return for a broken part or tool you need. Get your basics like levels and leveling blocks, wheel chocks, sewer hose supports & gloves, and portable lights.
  2. Clear your site of branches and obstacles
    You don’t want to scratch your RV or block any of your hookups. Plus, you’ll want room around your site to set up all your gear like tables or lights to have a more comfortable campsite.
  3. Secure your RV
    It can be easy to overlook, but not properly securing your RV can have disastrous consequences. Get close to your hookups, level your RV with those leveling blocks you didn’t forget to bring 😉 , and chock the wheels to lock your RV in place.
  4. Locate and hookup your electric, water and sewage
    You don’t want to use up all your battery, and traveling with too much water will really weigh you down. So the first thing once you’ve in your spot is to get all your electric, water and sewage hookups squared away.
  5. Put out your awning, tables, etc.
    Now’s the time to make that campsite a home. Pull out any awnings and set out any of your chairs and tables you’ll be using. Will you be cooking over a campfire? Find the communal fire pit areas or, if allowed, make sure to create your own in a safe area. This is your new home base for a few days, make it your own.
  6. Get relaxing!
    Once you set up in Navarre Beach area, there’s nothing else to it but relax and enjoy your time here!