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About Navarre Beach

Florida’s most relaxing place.

Located on Florida’s Panhandle, getting to the Navarre Beach area is easy! Milton and the beach are both less than an hour from Pensacola International Airport (PNS) and Destin-Fort Walton Airport (VPS). Our destination is just off of Florida’s I-10 interstate.

  • Navarre Beach

    Navarre Beach

    Discover the serenity of a Gulf paradise. Uncover the captivating beauty of Navarre Beach, a serene haven where turquoise waves gracefully meet pure white sands to create a mesmerizing landscape that soothes the soul. Each step you take unveils a world of tranquility and adventure, where the sun-kissed shores are the canvas for memories waiting to be painted. Experience the heart and spirit of Navarre Beach with every gentle tide and every breathtaking view, leaving footprints of joy in the sands of time. Navarre Beach is more than a destination; it's a sanctuary where every day brings a new chapter of relaxation, exploration, and the simple joy of life by the sea.

  • Gulf Island National Seashore

    Gulf Island National Seashore

    Immerse yourself in the rare beauty of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, one of only ten natural treasures in the United States. Eight miles of pristine, untouched beachfront stretch before you, where towering dunes stand guard to iridescent shells, nesting sea turtles, and migratory birds. Wander through trails that weave through this unique Gulf of Mexico habitat, each step revealing the delicate balance of nature and a glimpse into the untouched wonders of Florida. This coastal sanctuary is a canvas for Mother Nature’s handiwork – one that continues to evolve with tides.

  • Santa Rosa Sound

    Santa Rosa Sound

    Experience the magic of Santa Rosa Sound, a haven of coastal enchantment where calm waters and gentle breezes create a haven of relaxation. Enjoy picturesque views, tranquil moments, and the soothing embrace of this unique coastal inlet. This remarkable lagoon, with its impressive 33-mile expanse, gracefully bridges the gap between Pensacola Bay in the west and Choctawhatchee Bay in the east. Here, a world of serenity and coastal enchantment unfolds, providing a refreshing alternative to the bustling Gulf of Mexico beachfront.

  • Historic Milton

    Historic Milton

    Wander through picturesque blocks adorned with charming homes and storefronts that gracefully guide you to the peaceful Blackwater River waterfront. Every step feels like a stroll through the pages of history, where the spirit of old Florida comes alive. Indulge in a taste of Florida's rich history with a delightful lunch at Brew Angels Brewery, housed in the town’s old post office, a true gem that combines culinary delights with heritage. For the history enthusiast, a renovated train depot unveils the intriguing world of old rail travel, allowing you to embark on a full-steam journey into the past.

  • Woodlands


    Escape to the Woodlands, a sanctuary of natural beauty where the vibrant hues of the lush landscapes greet you with a warm embrace. Listen to the gentle symphony of rustling leaves, and feel the tranquility that fills the air. Explore events like the annual Beaches to Woodlands Tour and experience outdoor activities like ziplining and paddling. Whether you seek thrilling adventures or peaceful solitude, this is a refreshing retreat where every moment is a reminder of the exciting beauty found that can only be found in the wilderness.

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