Beach & Water Safety 101: Staying Safe at Navarre Beach

Everyone loves hanging out at the beach—especially kids! But before you dive in, it’s important to follow basic beach and water safety procedures. After all, a safe time at Navarre Beach is a fun time at Navarre Beach.

1. Plan & Know the Beach Warning Flags

Did you know that Navarre Beach has a warning flag system to let you know what the weather and water conditions are like? From good conditions to hazardous conditions to closed beach, it’s important to acquaint yourself with the flag system so that you’re prepared for surf conditions.

Beach Warning Flags

2. Plan & Do Not Leave Children & Weak Swimmers Unattended

Everyone loves the beach, but not everyone is a strong swimmer. Swimming with a buddy is always encouraged (and fun), but it’s especially important to keep an eye on children and others who may overestimate their swimming ability. If someone doesn’t know how to swim, they should never go far from the shallow shore.

3. Plan & Know What to Do in Case of an Emergency

If an emergency does occur, it’s important to not panic. Be sure you know what to do in different circumstances, and always alert a lifeguard or other emergency professional. Here are some tips for a few emergency scenarios:

Caught in a Rip-Current

If you’re caught in a rip current, don’t tire yourself out fighting against the ocean. Instead, focus on staying afloat and conserving your strength. Swim parallel to the beach until you are no longer in the current, at which point you will be able to swim back to shore.


Keep your head up and try to breathe normally, as the body floats easier with lungs full of air. Attract attention to yourself by yelling for help, waving your arms and splashing as best as you are able to do so. If you are tired, try to float on your back and relax until rescue comes.

See Someone Drowning

Call for emergency help from a lifeguard or other professional. If you have a flotation device, throw it to them. Do not attempt to rescue them unless you have been trained, as you will be endangering yourself, as well.


The fact is, Navarre Beach is a beautiful, relaxing place to enjoy a fun getaway, but remember to be safe at all times. Hope to see you soon!