Pro Tips for a Relaxing Camping Trip

You don’t need to be an expert outdoorsman to know that there are some truly incredible locations in the Navarre Beach area to camp. From Coldwater Gardens and Adventures Unlimited to campgrounds all around the Blackwater River State Park, you’re sure to find a great spot to lay your head. Just don’t forget to follow these tips to make sure you have an extremely enjoyable, relaxing camping trip.

Good Night’s Sleep in Navarre Beach

Don’t Forget the Essentials

This one is important for any trip. Nothing puts a bigger damper on a getaway than forgetting something you NEED. Make a list of all your “must-haves” before you go—like toothbrush, toothpaste, shower stuff, clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, etc.

Another way to help ensure you don’t miss anything is to “live” out of your bag for a few days before your trip. Pack your essentials, and if you need something that’s not in your bag, you’ll notice it while there’s still time to pack it up.

Photo by dalphotography (IG)

Bring Entertainment

You go camping to get away from the hustle and bustle of suburbia and city living, but fishing, hiking and stargazing only goes so far. Camping is an excellent time to bust out some low-tech fun like board games and playing cards, or sports gear like gloves and baseballs or soccer balls. Activities like these help distract kids from Wi-Fi-withdrawal and can be a great bonding opportunity for your family and friends.

Pack Snacks

Once someone gets “hangry” (angry from hunger), it’s hard to have a good time without getting something in their belly. That’s why it’s always a great idea to bring extra snackables and refreshments. Just make sure to safely store and dispose of all food items so as not to litter or attract the interest of wildlife.

Make the Most of Your Trip!

You probably don’t go camping every day, so make the most of your time with Mother Nature! Hike the beautiful trails, explore the rivers (Coldwater Creek is an excellent place to tube with rentals from Adventures Unlimited), and check out the flora and fauna. You’ll never feel more refreshed than when you disconnect from the world and just enjoy nature.