Glamping Tips for Beginners

Camping. The very thought of getting out into nature sounds awesome, but the idea of sleeping on the ground isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Fortunately, the new trend of “glamping” has made it more appealing than ever to reconnect with Mother Nature.

Glamping is short for “Glamorous Camping” and can be best described as luxury camping. Glamping accommodations tend to be in natural settings, but offer more amenities such as kitchens, bed, electricity, etc. It’s a fun mix of rustic and modern living.

  1. Choose your style.One of the main tenets of glamping is making sure you’ve chosen an accommodation that is a perfect blend of glam and camp, and few destinations offer more unique glamping options than Navarre Beach. With vintage train cabooses, playful tree houses and beautiful campsites, there are plenty of Instagram-worthy places to stay in the Navarre Beach area.
  2. Take advantage of the conveniences.Many glamping sites have some of your favorite modern conveniences, so make use of them! Small cooktops, real bathrooms (with running water!), real beds—many sites offer it all! Be sure to double check that the glamping site you choose has everything you’re looking for, and then take advantage of it.

3. Enjoy nature!

If you wanted just a straight luxury experience, you’d be in a hotel, but glamping is all about getting in touch with nature. Experience the best that camping has to offer by toasting marshmallows over a fire or walking through the woods and enjoying the scenery. But at the end of the day, get cozy in your bed, fall asleep to the soothing sounds of nature, and dream of your next glamorous adventure!