How to Have an Unforgettable Evening in Navarre Beach

It almost seems silly to explain “how to have an unforgettable evening in Navarre Beach” since there are so many unique things to see and do here. So please, do not take this list as the end-all be-all way to have an unforgettable evening in Navarre Beach; We’re simply showing you one of the many ways to have an outstanding Florida vacation.

Photo by oh4shore

Start the evening off by going to the pier for sunset. The colors that paint the sky, sea and sand are simply breathtaking, and a trip to Navarre without experiencing one of our sunsets is truly a wasted opportunity.

Next, it’s time for dinner! While there are some really incredible restaurants in our area, we recommend putting together a basket or getting take-out for a picnic under the stars. Whether you are on the beach or in the lush nature of Blackwater River State Park, it’s hard to not feel an incredible connection with nature and your loved ones while dining under a clear night sky.

After dinner, what’s better than s’mores around a campfire?! Although campfires are not permitted on the beach, you can still head over to one of the awesome campsites in North County! We suggest putting a spin on an old classic to kick things up a notch by bringing various dessert ingredients to invent your own s’more recipes. Swap out chocolate for nutella. Use chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers. Add strawberries or raspberries for a sweet fruit twist. If you can dream it, you can make it into a delicious marshmallow-y treat.

When it’s time for bed, why not rest your head somewhere incredible? Luckily, the Navarre Beach area has no shortage of unique and beautiful places to stay. Stay at one of the dozens of beachfront vacation rentals. For something really unique, check out Adventures Unlimited’s “Katie’s Kaboose,” a micro cottage refashioned from an old train caboose.

Best of all, you can wake up from this night you’ll never forget to an extraordinary new day of adventure! So come out for yourself, and let us know how you created your own “unforgettable evening” in Navarre Beach.