What to Expect on Navarre Beach

Not all beaches were created the same, and on Navarre Beach, we want to make sure you take advantage of all our unique beauty and fun! Check out what to expect when relaxing on Navarre Beach.

Uncrowded Beauty

Don’t expect to be huddled together with your fellow beach-goers. Unlike some other nearby beaches, Navarre Beach usually has plenty of room for you to layout your blanket, set up your cooler and umbrella, build that sandcastle, and just relax without feeling cramped.

White Quartz Sand

Besides the spaciousness of our beaches, one of the first things you might notice is our soft, white sand. Tens of thousands of years ago, Navarre Beach was formed by minerals from the Appalachian Mountains that washed down rivers to the Gulf of Mexico. As time passed, the other minerals were eroded and worn down to dust and washed away. However, the beautifully white Quartz remained, giving the sand on Navarre Beach its signature look and making it some of the softest, most beautiful sand in the world.

Emerald Waves on the Gulf of Mexico

What’s a beach without the sea? The stretches of coastline in Navarre are really a wonderful place to be. The emerald waters aren’t just excellent for swimming, they are also great for water sports like paddleboarding, surfing, and boating. And if you like spotting wildlife, you’re in for a treat – come discover incredible creatures like fish, dolphins and more. Just remember to monitor water conditions with our Beach Flags to make sure you stay safe and secure while enjoying the waves.

Artificial Reefs Deliver Authentic Fun

There are artificial reefs in the Navarre area for you to enjoy: the East Sound Side Reef, the West Sound Side Reef and the Gulf Side Reef. At the reefs, fisherman, snorkelers and scuba divers get to see, catch and experience the wonderful sea life that call the reefs home. Be on the lookout for incredible creatures like corals, turtles, stingrays, fish, jellyfish and more!

Beach Activities

Even the most avid beach lover needs a break from the sand every now and again. Come for a stroll down the Navarre Beach Pier, the longest pier in Florida. Rent paddleboards or beach cruisers from Sage Paddle Co. Enjoy exploring educational centers like Navarre Beach Marine Science Center or the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center. Whatever makes up your perfect beach day, you’ll find it here.