Tips for Making the Best Sand Castles

There’s no one formula for building the perfect sand castle. So while we can’t tell you exactly how to make the best sand castle, we can give you some tips to ensure that your castle stands tall and true over your kingdom of sand.

Use Wet Sand

Everyone knows that dry sand doesn’t hold its shape. But once sand gets wet, it clumps together nicely, helping you build tall, solid walls and spires. Since you’re already at the beach, there’s no need to be stingy! Keep getting buckets of water for an ample supply of wet sand.

Tamper Down the Sand

Make sure to pack your wet sand tightly together, and tamp it down. Packed sand drains more water quicker, giving you a much more solid structure (which makes it easier to carve without collapsing). So compact that sand good and tight to fortify your castle!

Don’t Use Buckets to Shape Your Castle

Buckets are great for bringing water to your castle, but when it comes to shaping it, they aren’t the most effective tool. With nowhere for water to drain to, wet sand in a bucket is incredibly hard to get out without damaging the structure. The better way? Simply make a huge mound of wet sand and then scrape and shape it into your perfect castle.