Sage Paddle Company

Sage Offutt may only be young, but don’t be fooled—she’s been the owner of one of Navarre Beach’s most successful paddleboard rental companies.

When Sage was eleven, her family moved to a beach house on Navarre Beach. She became a big paddleboarder, and could often be seen out on the Gulf. Her neighbors and visiting beachgoers would comment on how fun it looked and asked where they could rent a board to try it out. Unfortunately, at the time, there weren’t any options nearby.

Sage’s dad told her to find a hobby, so she turned around and asked her dad if she could rent out their paddleboards. Instead, he loaned her $5000 so she could start her own paddleboard rental company. He asked her to repay half of the loan by the end of the summer, but within 17 days, Sage had paid off the loan in full. And thus, Sage Paddle Company was born.

Sage has expanded her operation to other areas and now has over 125 rentals, offering paddleboards, mopeds, kayaks and bike cruiser bicycles to enjoy. For up-to-date pricing, please visit Sage’s site.

  • Paddleboard & Kayak Rentals 
  • Half Day: $60.00
  • Full Day: $100.00
  • Weekly: $300.00
  • Bike Rentals
  • Half Day: $25.00
  • Full Day: $35.00
  • Weekly: $100.00

But that’s not all! She continues to expand her business to meet the needs of Navarre Beach’s growing number of visitors. She’s even working on plans to start a Vacation Rental business to help visitors plan their entire trip using her local expertise.

Sage may be young, but she’s revolutionizing the beach experience in Navarre Beach. She’s proud to be helping families make wonderful memories in Navarre Beach and contributing to making the area more fun and relaxing than ever.

Learn more about Sage, Sage Paddle Company, rentals and more at her site.