How to Geocache in Blackwater River State Park

Are you ready to catch geocaching fever?

You may not have heard of it yet, but geocaching is a whole new take on exploring nature. It’s like real-life treasure hunting, only without large X’s marking the spot. If you’re new to it, the best place to start your geocaching journey is in Blackwater River State Park.

First of all, what IS geocaching? Geocaching is a game using hand-held global positioning systems (GPS) devices to find the location of hidden items or “caches.” Expert geocachers use a dedicated GPS tracker, but you can start with an app downloaded to your smartphone. You then simply load satellite coordinates into your device and start your own personal treasure hunt—no pirates (or shovels) required.

Geocoaching in Navarre Beach 1

Florida State Parks are a wonderful way to get in on the game, including our Blackwater River State Park! Around Blackwater River State Park alone, there are more than 100 geocaches registered on Just create an account, search Blackwater River State Park or the zipcode at 32564, pick a cache and get tracking!

Geocoaching in Navarre Beach 2

Want to know more about geocaching in the Blackwater River State Park? Check out our video with Ranger Marshall as he shows us one of the many geocaches you can find.