Five Spots to Watch the Sunset on Navarre Beach

Florida is known for having incredible sunsets, and a visit to Navarre Beach isn’t complete until you’ve experienced your fair share. So if you want to know the best locations to watch the sun dip into the sea, check out our five favorite spots for sunsets.

Photo by @stuartschaeferphotography (IG)

 1. The Navarre Beach Pier
The Navarre Beach Pier might be the best place period for watching anything. Incredible sunsets. Beautiful wildlife like birds and dolphins. Even people-watch! It’s the perfect picturesque setting whether you want to capture an amazing shot of a sunset or just relax and enjoy the day.

Photo by @james_patching (IG)

2. Juana’s Pagodas 

While waiting for the sun to set, you might as well be kicking back with your friends around some food and drinks! Juana’s Pagodas provides it all—bountiful beach fare, icy cold beverages, live music, friendly wait staff, and a front row seat to the nightly sunset show.

3. Gulf Islands National Seashore
Not all beaches are created equal, and you’ll see that on the Gulf Islands National Seashore. With no houses or high-rises to obstruct the view, this stunning setting really enhances the beauty and majesty of a Navarre sunset.

4. Springhill Suites by Marriott Navarre Beach
For those who might be “early to bed, early to rise,” you don’t want to go far for a sunset. What’s closer than just outside your hotel room? Beachside rooms at the Springhill Suites by Marriott Navarre Beach have excellent views of the Gulf of Mexico, so you can already be in your pajamas and just pop outside for the sunset. If you’re not staying at the Springhill Suites or are in a room not facing the sea, you can head out to the patio (which overlooks the sea) for a breathtaking view, too.5. On a Boat in the Gulf of Mexico or Navarre Sound Get a completely unobstructed view when you venture out onto the Gulf of Mexico for your sunset. There are several wonderful boat charters and cruises that will take you out for dolphin watching, fishing and (of course) to see our famous sunsets.