How to Find & Enjoy Navarre Beach’s Reefs

Ready to dive into the natural beauty and fun of Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary’s Artificial Reefs? Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your under-the-waves exploration.

Where are the Reefs?
There are, in fact, four different artificial reefs around Navarre Beach. They are all relatively close to each other near the Navarre Beach Marine Park on Navarre Beach off of Gulf Blvd.

There are many different parking areas. Even on busy days you should be able to find parking so you’re not lugging your snorkel and diving gear all over the beach.

Diver with turtle in Gulf Side Reefs
Photo by John Starrett Photography

Getting Gear
Speaking of gear, there are multiple places where you can suit up if you don’t already own diving and snorkel equipment. You can find snorkels, masks and flippers all over the area at shops like Wal-Mart, Publix and other similar retailers. As for dive shops, you might want to stop over in Gulf Breeze and check out Bay Breeze Diver Center or Shark Quest Dive Shop. Not only do they rent equipment, they also host charters.

What You’ll See There
Whether you’re on the Sound side or Gulf side, you’ll see beautiful marine life around the reefs. Expect to see creatures like colorful fish, sea turtles, rays, jellyfish, octopuses and more. You may want to bring an underwater camera to capture those special moments you won’t have anywhere else.

Turtle on the Reefs
Photo by John Starrett Photography

Come down and make a splash with us at one of the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary Reefs!

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