Dive the Best Reefs in Navarre Beach

The beauty of Navarre Beach goes beyond what you can see above sea level. Below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and the Santa Rosa Sound is a watery world waiting for you to explore. Whether you want to snorkel or dive, no place has better, wetter fun than the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary and Artificial Reefs.

The Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary has four separate reef areas: East Sound Side Reef, West Sound Side Reef, Gulf Side Reef and the One Mile Out Reef. For more information, visit our snorkeling and diving page.

1 East Sound Side Reef
The East Sound Side Reef might be the smallest of the three sites, but it is the most accessible. All four corners of the reef area are marked with signs so you know exactly where to snorkel and exactly where not to take motorized vessels. At 150 ft. from shore and 28 structures under 12 ft. of water, this reef site makes for easy, exciting snorkeling.

2 West Sound Side Reef
The West Sound Side Reef can be seen right from the beach, located directly north of the Red Drum Pavilion and the Navarre Beach Science Station. The area is better for diving than snorkeling, and is also marked with signs to prevent motorized vessels.

3 Gulf Side Reef
This reef may be the hardest to find, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Located directly south of the Sea Oat pavilion, you need to follow the board walk to the beach and head east about 100 ft. The site only has signs on the beach, so you’ll need to go out about 340 ft. south of the main tide line before you find it right beyond the second sand bar.

At all the reefs, you’ll encounter incredible marine life like sea turtles, urchins, jellyfish, octopuses, coral and colorful fish. But what you’ll be most excited for are the wonderful memories you’ll build among these beautiful artificial reefs.