The Best Places to Kayak & Canoe

Milton is known as the Canoe Capital of Florida, and the only way to see why is to grab a paddle and explore it yourself. Here are our favorite places to canoe and kayak.

Photo Credit: @Rob_reith

Blackwater River
Blackwater River is the biggest river in the Navarre area and has a 31-mile paddling trail for all your swimming, tubing and paddling pleasure. Blackwater River supplies Navarre Beach with its famous sugar-white sands, meaning the river itself offers private white sandy beaches at almost every twist and turn.

Juniper Creek & Sweetwater Creek
While these two tributaries of Blackwater River are technically different, they are often paddled together for a longer, more enjoyable outing.

Coldwater Creek
Coldwater Creek has a stunning 19-mile paddling trail you have to paddle to believe. The pristine, naturally dark waters are filled with tannins, and there are a fair amount of mini rapids to keep your paddling interesting. And when you need a break, have a picnic on one of the many white sandbars.

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Whether you’re tubing, kayaking or canoeing, you’re sure to have the most relaxing time in Florida’s Most Relaxing Place.