All About Historic Milton

Milton might not be the biggest town in the Navarre Beach area, but it has some of the most interesting history behind it. Learn more about our quaint panhandle town with these facts about Historic Milton.

Milton is older than the state of Florida.

That’s right, Milton was incorporated as a town in 1844, a whole year before the Territory of Florida joined the U.S. as the 27th state.

Milton wasn’t the town’s original name.

Milton was settled in the early 1800s and went through a number of name changes. Originally known as “Scratch Ankle,” it was also called “Jernigan’s Landing,” “Hard Scrabble,” “Black Water,” and “Milltown,” among other names. It’s believed that Milltown eventually turned into “Milton,” becoming the official name of the incorporated town.

Milton has a number of beautiful historic buildings.

While the area was settled in the 1800s, most of Milton’s historic buildings don’t date back much further than 1909. That’s because many of the older buildings were destroyed in three separate fires in 1885, 1892 and 1909. The town rebuilt each time, and you can see many of these rebuilt buildings – such as the Imogene Theatre — in Downtown Milton today.

Visit historic building in Navarre Beach

Our food is famously delicious.

Not all of our restaurants are historic, but all of them are famously delicious. Milton Quality Bakery has been family owned for more than 50 years and serves fresh baked goodies like bread, cakes, pies, cookies, doughnuts and many more delicious delights. The Blackwater Bistro was originally constructed as a private home in 1909, but has since been transformed into a local favorite with delicious cuisine, an incredible brunch menu, and quaint décor. For a slice of heaven, come for a New York-style brick oven pizza from Boomerang Pizza.

We have a delicious cuisine in Navarre Beach

You can experience small-town charm surrounded by beautiful Florida nature.

One of the best parts about a trip to Milton is the wonderful mix of small-town feel and Florida beauty. Admire blocks of charming homes and storefronts that lead to the beautiful Blackwater River waterfront. Stroll through the Santa Rosa County Veterans Memorial Plaza. Go full-steam ahead and learn about old rail travel in our renovated depot. You’ll enjoy every minute of exploring this walkable town. If you’re looking for a place with classic Florida charm, look no further than Historic Milton.

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