5 Activities for Couples in Navarre Beach (that aren’t dinner and a movie)

Photo by @rhondajlee (IG)

Walk on the Beach

It might be a cliché, but long walks on the beach are always romantic. Whether you prefer sunrises or sunsets, you can see both when you stroll along Navarre Beach.

Photo by @doubledutymommy (IG)

Bike Around Navarre

They might not have a bicycle built for two, but there’s still something sweet and romantic about renting a bike from Sage Paddle Co. and taking a leisurely ride together.

Wine Tasting at The Vine Wine Bar Bistro & Shoppe

Sip, savor and make a soulful connection at a wine tasting at The Vine Wine Bar Bistro & Shoppe at 8211 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre. Whether you prefer whites, reds, desserts or sparkling, there are many delicious wines to cheer to at The Vine Wine Bar Bistro & Shoppe.

Antique in Milton & Bagdad Village Historic District

It might be a cute table, a comfy chair, or even just a strange picture, but finding the perfect vintage piece together is a great bonding activity. It’ll definitely be a day you both remember.

Couples Kayaking

Explore the beautiful Blackwater River on a two-person kayak from Adventures Unlimited. Not only is the surrounding area filled with breathtaking nature, but having to paddle a kayak together will give you a unique look at how well you work as a team.

While these are just five great ideas, there are endless activities you can do to connect and fall in love in Navarre Beach. Check out even more awesome activities on our “Things to Do” page.