What to Know About Turtle Nesting Season Rules and Regulations

If you see a turtle nest, be careful to not disturb it! Here are some Do’s and Don’ts about sea turtle nesting season.

Photo Credit: John Mon Fish Imagery


  • Turtles need personal space too – stay at a distance and remain quite
  • Cut the lights – use a red LED flashlight & lower brightness on cellphones in order to keep from distracting the hatchlings
  • Keep it Clean – Throw away all trash that could potentially harm hatchlings and/or obstruct their path
  • Get involved – Help create a safer environment for all sea turtles


  • Do NOT disturb – disturbing and/or harassing the hatchlings is ILLEGAL
  • Don’t NOT fill in the gaps – Gaps and/or holes in the sand (from sandcastles maybe) can prevent hatchlings from reaching their destination. Take initiative by filling in visible holes