The Top 4 Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Navarre Beach

Visiting Navarre Beach is always a fun time, but it’s made all the sweeter when you try our desserts and goodies. So get your sugar fix and check out our Top 4 Places to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth.

Milton Quality Bakery

Family owned for over 50 years, Milton Quality Bakery is a classic example of baked goods at their finest. From breads and cakes to cookies and doughnuts, if it’s a down-home baked good, you’re sure to find it at Milton Quality Bakery.

Our recommendation: Try the oldie-but-goodie “Chocolate Devil Dog.” It’s an old-school classic for a reason.

Tommy New Orleans Snoballs

Tommy New Orleans Snoballs is another classic establishment in Navarre Beach. Open for almost 30 years, Tommy New Orleans’ uses an original block shaver to make their renowned snow cones. And with more than 200 flavors available to choose from, there’s nothing better than sitting in the warm sun with your favorite flavored ice.

Our recommendation: Try your favorite flavor with some chocolate or cream added in for an extra special treat!

Mama Lattes

Not all sweet treats need to be food—and Mama Lattes pack the extra punch of caffeine with their delicious coffees, espressos and lattes. Whether you like them piping hot or icy cold, sip your sweetness at this delightful small coffeehouse.

Our recommendation: Try the iced S’mores Mama Chino with all the whipped cream you can handle!

Deb’s Coffee Drive-Thru

For more drinkable dulce, check out Deb’s Coffee Drive-Thru. Deb’s prides itself on using quality flavors and ingredients, like Ghirardelli Chocolate and Torani syrups. If you’re on the go, this drive-thru is a must-stop for your dose of sugary goodness.

Our recommendation: Try the house specialty, Deb’s Southern Red Velvet Frappe. It’s rich and decadent, and it’s a perfect treat to cool down from the Florida sun.