Sun Safety Tips to Beat the Heat

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to unwind in the Florida sunshine. Before you head out for a day of salt and sand, make sure you follow these tips to save your skin.

Photo by @stephsimpson1

Let’s Get Physical – Sunscreen

Unlike chemical sunscreens which absorb into your skin, physical sunscreen contains active ingredients like zinc that absorb and refract rays. We recommend investing in a good physical sunscreen if you plan to spend a full day enjoying all the outdoor activities Navarre Beach has to offer.

Hat Hair Don’t Care

Your face is most sensitive and vulnerable to sunlight, but a hat will help shield your skin and eyes. Make sure you grab your favorite headgear, whether it’s a fancy floppy hat or a battered beloved baseball cap.

Water, Water Everywhere

We know you know you should drink water, but we’re going to say it anyway — make sure you drink plenty of water. And no, the little bit that gets in your mouth when a wave slaps you in the face doesn’t count. Drinking fresh water will regulate your body temperature and keep you hydrated.

Speaking of water, remember to reapply sunscreen after you’ve finished frolicking in the Gulf! Even if you use a “water-resistant” formula, it still rinses or rubs off in the water after 40-80 minutes.

Photo by @carola_carolina_

You’re Glowing, We Promise

We get it — you’re here to relax, take gorgeous photos and get a tan your friends will envy for weeks. But too much time laying out can result in sunburn or medical problems down the line. Remember to take frequent breaks, get some lunch or cool refreshments at a beachside bar and embrace the shade. You’ll leave with sunkissed skin sans sunburn.

We’re certified sun worshippers here in Navarre Beach, which means we respect its power just as much as we respect its beauty. Vacations are much more fun when you use these simple tips to safely enjoy the sunshine.