How to Respect Our Beaches

“Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.”
These are the words to live by when exploring our relaxing beaches, but it doesn’t hurt to follow a few other tips to ensure our pure white sand stays that way.

Photo by Instagram user goldfish_kiss
  1. Pick Up After Yourself

    Photo by Instagram user beach_is_life_photography

    No one likes a litterbug, and nothing ruins a pristine beach scene more than seeing garbage on our shores. Be aware of where trash cans are and bring your own trash bag with you so things like loose napkins or cups don’t blow away in a pleasant sea breeze.

  2. Don’t Mess with the Animals

    Photo by Instagram user jonmonfishimagery

    You wouldn’t like it if someone came into your home and started prodding at you, so please be respectful of the sea critters that call our beach their home. It’s fine for kids to examine things like crabs or conches, but always be gentle. And remember that sea turtles are always off-limits as they are a protected species.

  3. Be Mindful of Protected Plants

    Photo by Instagram user joanijai

    It’s not just our marine animals you need to be careful around—we need to protect flora as well as fauna. Sea grasses are home to many sea creatures, so pulling and destroying them can in turn hurt a lot of animals. What’s more, beach grass protects our beaches and prevents coastal erosion, so leave them to protect our shores.

  4. Watch the Warning Flags

    Photo by Instagram user beachdays27

    One way to show your respect of the beaches is to respect when conditions are too hazardous to swim. Our warning flags alert beach-goers when the water is fine or when tides and waves make swimming too dangerous. Not sure what flags mean what? Learn here!

  5. Be Nice & Have Fun!

    Photo by Instagram user laurendowdy

    At the end of the day, the best way to respect the beach is to simply enjoy its beauty. There’s a reason Navarre Beach is Florida’s Most Relaxing Place, and we want it to stay that way. Be nice to your fellow beach-goers, respect each other’s space on the beach, and just have a great time!