Cook Your Own Fresh Seafood

There might come a time during your Navarre Beach visit that you’ve had your fill of restaurants. Maybe the wallet’s feeling lighter and its time to eat in. Or maybe dining out was never part of the plan to begin with.

You’ve got a lot of options; Fire up the grill, make a casserole, heat up something in the microwave. But you can do better. Treat yourself to the bounty of fresh fish available in Navarre Beach. Navarre Seafood Market is the place to get it.

This no-frills place offers a wide array of regional seafood as well as staples like salmon. People rave about their shrimp, plus you can get crawfish (live or boiled), lobster, oysters, or crab meat in containers. You can get whole fish (grouper, snapper and about a million other types) or filets. The market’s seafood offerings change by season, so you pretty much have to show up and pick out what you need (or give them a call and they’ll give you a quick rundown).

Navarre Seafood Market also carries a lot of ingredients, like spices, you need to make a great fish dinner in your vacation rental or condo. And they are conveniently located right on Navarre Parkway, near many hotels and condos!

8104 Navarre Parkway, Navarre
(850) 515-2916