Our Ultimate Relaxation Tips

Stress can get the best of any of us, and after all, holiday fatigue is real. Fortunately, we have a few surefire tips on how to stay cool, calm, collected and recover in Florida’s Most Relaxing Place.

    Calming breaths and relaxing in Navarre Beach
    Photo by @cassandraarcher_ (IG)
  1. Learn Simple Breathing Techniques
    The easiest way to feel more relaxed is by regulating your breathing with deep, calming breaths.
    Step 1: Inhale long and slow through your nose.
    Step 2: Hold the air in your lungs, and count to three.
    Step 3: Exhale slowly through your lips.
  2. Yoga on a beach in Navarre Beach
    Photo by @__aaallie__ (IG)
  3. Try Yoga
    Yoga employs a lot of techniques that help relaxation, teaching body awareness and mindfulness. Check out the Navarre Living Yoga & Health Center for a lesson on being a more stress-free, fit and flexible you.
  4. Get Pampered
    There isn’t anything wrong with a little pampering to boost your mental health. Come explore the soothing spas and salons of Navarre Beach and treat yourself to a massage, manicure or new “do” to help you feel refreshed and totally relaxed.
  5. Connecting with nature in Navarre Beach
    Photo by @ournext40years (IG)
  6. Connect with Natur
    Discover your serene side when you get in touch with the beautiful nature of the Navarre Beach area. Unwind to the sound of the waves on our white sand shores. Surround yourself with breathtaking forest views by hiking the Blackwater River State Forest. Or let your worries wash away when you canoe, kayak or tube down the Blackwater River.
  7. Eat Healthy
    You are what you eat, so calm your nerves and sate your stomach with some of our fresh, healthy dining options in Navarre Beach. Many of our restaurants serve lighter options like colorful salads and fresh seafood, like The Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar.
  8. Good Night’s Sleep in Navarre Beach
  9. Get a Good Night’s Sleep
    Nothing can really change your outlook on the day than waking up from a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, Navarre Beach and our surrounding areas have excellent accommodations to guarantee just that. Whether you stay in a beautiful waterfront hotel, a cute condo rental, a tree house with an outstanding view or a cozy caboose, we know you’ll be relaxed and energized after staying in Navarre Beach.